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A Street Cat Named Bob

A Street Cat named Bob is one of the most decent and appealing films highlighting the drug addicted of London which is directed by Veteran chief Roger Spottiswoode. The filmmakers did a good job with the display of capturing the precarious reality of life on the streets.
This is one of those unfailingly nice, middle-of-the-road movies that always have its heart in the right place. The movie producer tries to capture the reality of life in the city of London. James Bowen is a London street musician and a drug addict who finds a ginger cat in his kitchen. A small pet changes the life of James and develops a strong bond of love with him.
Destitute and a recuperate drug addict James faces misfortunate on every pace of his life. James Bowen is given a last opportunity to turn his life the other way around, with the help of Val (Joanne Froggatt), who helps him by giving him his flat. As James endeavors to fabricate a wonderful future for himself by improvising in Covert Garden, he scuffles in order to gain traction as the crowd cruises by. One day, he hears a break-in and finds a ginger feline in his kitchen. Cat is eating the cornflakes, supposing cat belongs to his neighbor, he embarks to locate the owner of the cat. He fails in findings owner and thinks it is an astray cat. Throughout the following few days, the feline keeps on waiting on the bequest, and James finds a tainted injury on the creature’s leg. He takes the cat for a treatment by a charity vet. In figuring out how to nurture a cat, he begins turning into a responsible individual.
A Street Cat Named Bob movie is based on the memoirs of London street entertainer James Bowen, a recuperating heroin fanatic who gets one final opportunity to change his life when he discovers Bob. Things get really substantial: The movie deals with vagrancy, utilization of medication, overdosing, and death. James (Luke Treadaway) utilizes the cash he makes playing by guitar in the city to purchase and utilize medications and winds up in the healing facility. In spite of the genuine subjects, the picture delivers a message about new opportunities – and contends that it’s conceivable to defeat your evil presences in the event if you have somebody in your life that you love a lot. Theme of the movie also incorporates modesty and empathy.
This is a sweet little film pointing toward significant issues. James sleeps on the road and finds food from the bin. A Street Cat Named Bob raises plenty of issues that one can notice, including the perils of vagrancy and what can happen when one is involved in drugs and the problems one has to face throughout his life. It nearly feels as if the movie highlights only the cat, but it remains concentrated on James’ story.

Duration: 103 min


IMDb: 7.4

A Street Cat Named Bob
A Street Cat Named Bob
A Street Cat Named Bob
A Street Cat Named Bob
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