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Back in the Day

Anthony needed to put up with an abusive, jobless, alcoholic dad but was blessed with a nurturing, hardworking mom who it loses at an extremely early age and devastates him. Despite his resentment, he fights to uphold the morals he was instructed by his Mom and keep his dignity regardless of being up against all chances. Enzo joins Anthony with a trainer (Danny Glover), who means business, and turns Anthony into a competition although his troubled life and friends, who appear to at all times get him into trouble, hinder his career. As he journeys into maturity with the almost hopeless target of reaching a successful professional boxing career, Anthony manages to not go pro, but literally fight his way to the top and become a world champion middleweight fighter for an age that is improbable. But not without love, loss of retaliation, humiliation and retribution and characters playing in his journey to the top. But when he eventually does make it to the top, who will be left of anyone Anthony has ever cared about, to discuss it with? And who’ll be left living his fantasy, and to get in the way of Anthony’s success?

Duration: 121 min


IMDb: 4.0

Back in the Day
Back in the Day
Back in the Day
Back in the Day
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