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Just Getting Started

An action-comedy friend flick from writer/director Ron Shelton, who is formerly helmed such popular sports-comedies as ‘BULL DURHAM’,’WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP’ & ‘TIN CUP’ (in addition to the action-comedy buddy movie ‘HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE’). The movie stars Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones as a ex-mob attorney, along with an ex-FBI representative, that must overcome their personal feud so as to endure a mafia hit in their retirement residence. Duke Diver (Freeman) is the hottest resident in Grove Capri, a retirement house he will help operate. That’s until a new guest, called Leo (Jones), shows up. Leo competitions Duke at everything he is famous for that point, and both engage in a bitter competition (even over girls). That’s before a mob hitman tries to kill Diver, and the two should subsequently set aside their dispute so as to survive.

Duration: 91 min


IMDb: 4.3

Just Getting Started
Just Getting Started
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