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Leap Year

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  • Director: Anand Tucker
  • Writers: Deborah Kaplan (compiled by) & Harry Elfont (created by)
  • Stars: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode and Adam Scott
  • Release Date: January 2010
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Run Time: 100 minute


In scenario you’re a woman and also you aren’t conscious of a little budget film named the Leap Year and also you still don’t have any strategies of understanding what type of mix it created between the feminine populace of the planet the reconsider. Leap Year can be an American creation which was introduced inside the year of 2010. The film is led from the proficient guy himself Anand Tucker. The throw of the film is very little however the primary heroes contain Mathew Goode and Amy Adams who’ve amazingly fascinated every single center on the planet. The tale starts whenever a productive house designer called Anna Brady is tired of being in a continuing partnership together with her sweetheart with no matter just how much she attempts, he doesn’t popup the query. Now, she’s chose to do this himself. Her sweetheart Jeremy has flown down to Dublin for joining a medical meeting when she chooses to shock him on 29th February. Since there’s a convention in Dublin that on every bounce year, around the 29th of February, females request their men to marry them-and based on the long-lasting customs, this undertaking usually works out to be always a success as most of the males have decided to marry theirgirlfriends. This provides her good desire as well as the drizzling hurricane is not able to end her in the determination that she’s designed to himself. However, the surprise will postpone her from her voyage and fait retains a peculiar new program wrapped-up on her. Since, all-the routes have now been terminated and he or she has nowhere togo, she chooses to have a cab and achieve Dublin ontime. The guy that has acknowledged this voyage goes their own pub within the nearby area and it is called Declan E’Callaghan but all the programs are left aside when them both create a similarity to one another. Seeing this film will require one to another stage, where you’ll discover the correct meaning behind love and compromise as well as success since you never understand where you’ll wind up next.


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