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Focusing on the civil rights and American musicians, Nina is a biographical movie directed by Cynthia Mort. The main lead Nina Simone is played by the Zoe Saldana. Due to financial crises, Nina is mentally unstable as well as an alcoholic. Breaking under pressure, she threatens a lawyer using a gun after which is sent to the Los Angeles psychiatric hospital to spend 24 hours there. After coming back from the hospital, there are no positive changes in Nina’s behavior. She continues to drink heavily while refusing to her medications. She also abuses her assistant Clifton Henderson. Things start getting serious when Clifton due to her unbearable behavior decided to leave her. Soon after that Nina is told about her serious condition by the doctor. This is when she decides to set things straight in her life and hires Clifton back as her manager.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 5.3

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