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Rock Dog

The movie highlights the old dilemma of guardians who want their teen to chase after their dreams regardless of what the teen wants to do. Since it’s release, the movie has gained a lot of positive reviews
When a radio tumbles from the sky under the control of Tibetan Mastiff, he leaves home to fulfill his fantasy of turning into a rock star. The movie focuses the life of a dog that has a single purpose in life to guard the sheep of a tranquil town from the thuggish wolf Linnux and his group. In order to dodge attraction, mastiff pioneer Khampa prohibits all types of music during working time. When his child Bodi finds a radio that tumbled from the sky, all that he needs is some guitar licks. After finding guitar in his perception changes, he wants to be a rock and roll star. He makes his mind to go to a city to find Angus Scattergood, a great musician. Bodi is Tibetan Mastiff who does not want to be the next guard of Snow Mountain. Khampa has some sheep’s which is spruced up as Mastiffs to give the deception that the town is being protected by numerous Mastiffs in order to keep the wolves under control.
And so it has happened with Tibetan mastiffs Khampa and Bodi whose aim is basic, clear and straightforward. Khampa demands securing town’s sheeps from ruthless wolves. But teen Bodi shows less interest in sheeps protection, the dreaded wolves haven’t assaulted the sheep for numerous years. Bodi is interested in music. He likes the rock songs and particularly those songs which are sung by amazing star Angus Scattergoo. Khampa opposes at first, and then Khampa agrees to give Bodi a chance to try his luck. Thus Bodi boards a transport to find out his rock idol. He meets drummer Germur and bass player Darma in his journey.
Rock Dog emphasis on the message “Chase your dreams”. Find the purpose and reason in your life. Bodi’s father supports him, helps him to discover his inner energy. Khampa faces difficulties to understand his child’s dreams and takes time to give him the endorsement. Fleetwood Yak persuades him to give Bodi an opportunity to follow his dreams. Regardless of some protesting, Khampa releases his child.
Bodi goes to a city where he meets Scattergood who helps him to start his career. He endeavors to join a band comprising of the fox Darma and a drummer named Germur. Bodi is mortified after losing a guitar challenge. Bodi and Scattergood lose in an alley and Bodi chooses to play music at the Rock and Roll Park to get cash for Scattergood to return to his mansion. After Scattergood believes that his profession is over because he has less time to compose a song, he hears Bodi playing on his guitar and decides to take help from Bodi to make another tune. He welcomes Bodi into his home with the veneer of a “guitar lesson” and together they compose a new tune called “Glorious”.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 5.9

Rock Dog
Rock Dog
Rock Dog
Rock Dog
Rock Dog
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