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Rules Don’t Apply

A romantic comedy drama movie, Rule Don’t Apply co-produced, directed and written by Warren Beatty. The plot of this movie is set up in early 1960s. The movie opens with a group of people Frank Forbes, Nadine Henly and Levar Mathis waiting for the Howard Hughes to make some very important call. Right from this scene major part of the story moves in the flash back.
Back in 1958, Frank Forbes is a chauffeur to Marla Mabrey, an aspiring actress who travels everywhere with her Lucy who is rather strict. Frank is responsible to take Marla and Lucy wherever they want to go. Marla works under the contract with RKO and gets paid $400 per week. However, despite living in house that is paid by Howard, Marla is yet to meet him which makes her and her mother little bit frustrated. Lucy also knows stories that she has heard about Howard and his treatment to young women. Their frustration leads to Lucy discussing it with Frank who reveals that he is also in the same league and is yet to meet Howard.
The movie highlights the dark side of the glamorous world. The struggles that every upcoming actress goes through and how they are perceived by the men around them. The story moves with Marla knowing that there are more than 30 actresses who live nearby and still haven’t met Howard or had any screen test. Disappointed by the zero progress made, Lucy want Marla to return back to their homeland but Marla is still optimistic and want to try her luck and decides to stay back. Friendship between Frank and Marla begins to develop as he continues to perform role of her chauffer. Upset with the departure of her mother, Marla and Frank connects even more after Frank take her to the land that he aims on buying in future. Next day the good news of meeting with Howard waits Marla and she can finally see things working out for her. Frank also gets to see Howard who warns him not to have relationship with any actress.
Next day Marla shares that she is waiting for the right man to make love to while Frank tells her about Sarah, his finance. That evening is followed by a night at Marla’s place where the two feel sexual tension between them but nothing happens after they are interrupted by Levar’s arrival. Just when the viewers begin to think that they will see the spark between Frank and Marla, things take a turn and Marla ends up having sex with Howard. This one night stand is not something that Marla can simply forget especially after finding out that she is pregnant and is carrying Howard’s child. Howard who is already badly trapped in financial crisis is not ready to take another responsibility.
This movie is like a fresh air in the genre of romantic comedy. It highlights what women go through and how badly they suffer when they are being used. The amazing performance by the cast makes this movie a must watch.

Duration: 127 min


IMDb: 5.7

Rules Don’t Apply
Rules Don’t Apply
Rules Don’t Apply
Rules Don’t Apply
Rules Don’t Apply
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