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Salt and Fire

Salt and Fire is about a secretive mysterious movie where a researcher finds himself stranded and in a tough situation with two kids. To examine ecological disaster of largest salt flat Salar de Uyuni in southwest Bolivi, two scientists are sent to South America. They are hijacked by the CEO of a large organization. When a supervolcano Uturunku demonstrated the symptoms of expelling, they bond to evade a disaster. A person kidnaps a researcher in Bolivia and abandons her stranded amidst tremendous salt pads with two sightless young boys. The researcher accuses the leader of an extensive organization for a natural debacle in South America. Volcano starts to indicate the symptoms of excel.
The shooting of the movie is captured in Bolivia. The film stars include Gael García Bernal, Michael Shannon and Veronica Ferres and is composed and coordinated by Werner Herzog. Three researchers are in their way to give an answer to the United Nations when they are abducted. Laura is the basic target of the criminals. Kidnappers want to make aware Laura about their greedy company and their conditions.
Werner Herzog is a standout amongst the most interesting movie producers. Herzog has a splendid personality and a great mind that is significantly more astute than most of the general directors have. He composes the screenplay beautifully and is attempting to get some kind of message crosswise over about demolishing the world that we live in.
Salt and Fire is an exceptionally great film and uses remarkable combination of dialogues. It begins off as a thriller kind of picture and attracts the attention of people through its awesome shooting, fabulous acting, mind-blowing story and a great drama.
Things get improved once the lead researcher and her taker start to shape an abnormal relationship. These groupings are the most fascinating in the film. Both Shannon and Ferres are great in their parts. The film highlights a fairly pleasant and one of a kind music score and the cinematography was great also. SALT AND FIRE is a genuine piece of success from a great director. Propelled by a short story by Tom Bissell, the script focuses natural catastrophe in Bolivia, in which three researchers have been sent around the United Nations to explore. Ferres is the main researcher in the movie. Isolated from her group the criminals have been locked in their compound assignment. Pioneer Laura tries to figure out the puzzle with Matt Riley and his accomplice Krauss (to attempt to learn about their purpose). Film seems to peacefully move with the element of suspense and drama. Salt and Fire lets Shannon free with the feeling of dream rationale. Herzog has Matt relinquish Laura amidst the salt flats, abandoning her to kick the bucket with only a couple of provisions and two daze young boys. This is the most delightful and hackneyed part of the film. Salt hills extend into the skyline like a dried up honeycomb, their ideal geometry loaning creates the beauty of the film.

Salt and Fire
Salt and Fire
Salt and Fire
Salt and Fire
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