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The Ballad of Lefty Brown

After cowboy Lefty Brown (Bill Pullman) witnesses the murder of his longtime partner – that the newly-elected Senator Edward Johnson (Peter Fonda) – he strikes out to discover the killers and avenge his friend’s grisly death. Assessing the outlaws throughout the huge and desolate Montana plains, Lefty recruits a young gunslinger, Jeremiah (Diego Josef), along with an older buddy, a hard-drinking U.S. Marshall (Tommy Flanagan), to help send the guys to justice. Following a gunfight with all the outlaws leaves Jeremiah injured, Lefty returns home together with the titles of Johnson’s killers just to discover he has been accused of his friend’s murder. With the tables turned, and together with his buddy in the governor’s mansion (Jim Caviezel) Struggling to assist, Lefty must bypass the law and prove his own innocence by exposing the strong men finally responsible for Johnson’s passing. A thrilling and action-packed Western, The Ballad of Lefty Brown is a story of friendship, loyalty, and the constant pursuit of justice.

Duration: 111 min


IMDb: 6.2

The Ballad of Lefty Brown
The Ballad of Lefty Brown
The Ballad of Lefty Brown
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