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The Bye Bye Man

The Bye Bye Man is a horror/thriller movie directed by Stacy Title. It is written by Jonathan Penner, in view of the section “The Bridge to Body Island” in Robert Damon Schneck’s books The President’s Vampire. Hence, its genre could also be closely linked to supernatural as the film tells a terror tale based on a curse. It was shot in America and was recently released in 2017.
The movie roams around a teenage trio which has recently moved into an old derelict house off-campus near their college. Unknowingly, they have un-tethered a paranormal being, which hunts down everyone and everything that is familiarized with its name. The trio has to keep The Bye Bye Man’s secret hidden to stop the curse from killing the people who knew about it, while saving their lives.
Years before, a psychotic serial killer shot everybody who lived on his block and while doing that, he allegedly repeated these phrase “Don’t say it, don’t think it; don’t think it, don’t say it.” Moving back to the present day tale, which is deeply referenced with the aforementioned incident, Elliot (Douglas Smith) his sweetheart, Sasha (Cressida Bonas) and his bestfriend, John (Lucien Laviscount) move in together into a house near their college? Soon enough, as they begin to settle down, incidents full of mischief start to take place. For starters, Sasha develops a bizarre cough and Elliot discovers coins in the nightstand that ceaselessly return. Furthermore, Elliot also finds writings which said “don’t think it, don’t say it”, and a name stated “The Bye Bye Man” in the presence of his friend, Kim. Elliot and John encounter hallucinations and more unusual activity as Sasha’s condition deteriorates. Elliot begins to get notions that Sasha is doing him wrong with John; Elliot’s brother Virgil thinks the same. Shortly afterwards, Kim dies as a train runs over her, consequently, Elliot is taken into custody for questioning by detective Shaw (Carrie-Anne Moss), but is soon released as Kim’s suicide note reveals she had murdered her roommate and was going to assassinate Elliot, Sasha and John as well. Unexpectedly enough, the librarian at Elliot’s college sheds some lights on the incidents he had experienced on sheer veracity. This is where Elliot gets to know how deep into a pit of dark enigma he has descended to. Finally, Elliot, with loads of unwavering help, has the enigma deciphered but still struggles to find his way out of the situation. The movie continues where Elliot finds himself amidst a bloodshed spree and as a victim of the inevitable curse. What happens next and how Elliot rewrites his fate is what the whole movie is praised for.
Despite the fact that The Bye Bye Man did not amuse much of its critics, the earning on the box office state otherwise. The film earned four-times its budget and was able to please its audience with ease. People who paid to see it on the big screen certainly found the product worth their money and turned a lot of happy viewers into fans. This cinematic sensation is certainly not one to miss out on.

Duration: 96 min


IMDb: 4.3

The Bye Bye Man
The Bye Bye Man
The Bye Bye Man
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